Work in zones from a common valve

Sprinkler heads work in zones from a common valve. Then sketch the parameter of the house and do the same for any additional structures. Sprinkler heads can spray in quarter, half, or full circles. You can also set certain sprinkler areas to turn on and off according to a program with the controller box. Sprinklers direct the water, valves control the water flow, and the controller controls the system. As you don’t want to be spraying the sides of your house or over a fence, and you do want to keep the watering of concrete to a minimum, clearly specify where you’ll need half circle or quarter circle coverage areas for the sprinklers. Then measure the parameter of your house and the distance of each side from the boundary lines.

Designing a sprinkler system layout requires a pen, a standard size piece of graph paper, a compass for accuracy, a tape measure with 50 plus feet of reach, a can of spray paint, lots of little marking flags, a high end gauge for water pressure measurement and a five-gallon container of some kind. The controller is usually in a box mounted on an exterior or interior wall. If the distances are too far apart between sprinklers, areas will be missed altogether.

Next measure and draw any concrete such as driveways and sidewalks, then decks and fences, trees, shrubs and gardens. 12′ is common for residential applications.

Sprinkler System Repair Shreveport – Sprinkler heads have varying radius sprays. Draw the location of your water meter or water source. Draw a small S where you will place each sprinkler head.

Sprinklers should be placed distances equal to the radius, in this case 12′ apart. Measure the boundary lines of your property first and draw them. We also offer Mosquito/Pest Control and Fertilization through your new or existing sprinkler system and we do it by using only Organic materials that are safe and friendly to the environment.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems Shreveport – We offer free quotes for new sprinkler systems and all systems are custom designed to fit the owners property and landscape.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems Shreveport – With some measuring and drawing, you can soon estimate the types and number of sprinklers and valves you will need and the size and amount of PVC pipe your system will Valve Pressure Suppliers require. You can design your system with zones for the type of watering required in a specific area depending on the vegetation there, sun exposure, and elevation. Place an “HS” for half circle sprinklers and a “QS” where quarter spray sprinklers will be located. Each zone must be configured to stay within the limits of your water capacity depending on the types of sprinkler heads you use and your water supply.

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